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The growth of our Garments Export is largely dependent on the growth of Knit wear which is rapidly increasing at a rate of 30% per year .

Our Group turnover is also increasing  at the same rate which is mainly focused in the  Knit sector with the combination of dyed yarn manufacturing  for LIGHT & HEAVY KNIT WEAR and  manufacturing of  HEAVY  KNITWEAR ie. Sweaters, cardigans & Pull overs.

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Tamishna Dyeing Industries Ltd.


Tamishna Dyeing Industries was established back in 2000 in order to cater to the various yarn dyeing and special washing needs of the Bangladeshi apparel exporters as well as the needs of our own sweater-manufacturing units – Tamishna Fashion Wear and Tamishna Apparels.





This unit consists of


  1. Modern package dyeing machines with individual batch capacities ranging from 1 kg to 3000 kgs
  2. Radio frequency dryer plant from the United Kingdom
  3. Conditioning machinery from the reputed Xorella in Spain
  4. Boilers from the USA, UK and Germany
  5. State of the art laboratory equipped with McBeth Color Matching System.


We are constantly upgrading and replacing this equipment on a regular basis, which requires regular in-house training and retraining for skilled, semi-skilled and trainee workers. These factors, along with our wealth of experience and industry renowned dyeing experts have enabled us to create a dynamic setup with a capacity of 80,0000lbs per day. to produce dyed yarn of the following qualities:


100% cotton yarn

50% cotton/50% acrylic blended yarn

100% nylon yarn

100% viscose yarn.


Moreover, we have mastered a variety of specialized washing:

Stone Wash

Acid Wash

Enzyme Wash

Pigment Dyeing



Garment Dyeing






We have had our dyed yarn tested for harmful substances according to OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 by TESTEX, Zurich and accordingly have received certification that our product meets all the required human-ecological criteria of the standard without any exception. In addition, we have also obtained certification on Textile Organic Exchange (dyed organic cotton yarn).


We import high quality dyestuff and chemicals from Europe and use yarn both from reputed spinning mills as well as our own TFO machines.





The laboratory is arguably the heart of any dyeing factory because it is responsible for ensuring accurate color matching as well as high quality finishing. Accordingly, we have made sure to spare no expense in acquiring sample dyeing machines and specialized equipment that include:


  1. McBeth color matching system (spectrophotometer)
  2. Automatic dye and chemical dispensing system
  3. McBeth light box
  4. Rubbing and fastness tester
  5. Yarn count and strength tester
  6. Manual, Semi Automatic and Automatic knitting machines






Through our years of experience and our industry renowned dyeing experts, we have developed quality dyeing. Our capacity for special washes is as high as 80,000 lbs/day to cater to the large needs of the country’s sweater and knitwear sector.

Using our capacity, which enables us to provide high quality dyeing in the lowest possible time as well as supply yarn on cone to our customers at very competitive prices.

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