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The growth of our Garments Export is largely dependent on the growth of Knit wear which is rapidly increasing at a rate of 30% per year .

Our Group turnover is also increasing  at the same rate which is mainly focused in the  Knit sector with the combination of dyed yarn manufacturing  for LIGHT & HEAVY KNIT WEAR and  manufacturing of  HEAVY  KNITWEAR ie. Sweaters, cardigans & Pull overs.

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Etafil Accessories Ltd.

Tamishna Dyeing Industries Limited and Etafil Accessories Limited have yarn dyeing capacity of 80000 lbs per day based on 100% cotton, 50/50 cotton/acrylic yarn. A modern package dyeing industry with a laboratory of latest art-of-technology have already passed OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 and certified to meet the humanecological requirements of the European standard. Moreover, we have also obtained certification on Textile Organic Exchange (organic cotton dyed yarn). MCBETH COLOR SYSTEM with spectrophotometer ensures high standard of color-matching as per requirement of worldrenowned buyers.

The products of Tamishna Dyeing Industries Ltd. include:


      1. 100% cotton yarn (Including organic cotton)

      2. 50% cotton and 50% acrylic blended yarn

      3. 100% polyester, CVC, filament

Both the factories are well equipped with modern package dyeing machine of wide range to satisfy customers' individual requirements. Radio frequency dryer from UK and boiler from USA, UK & Germany are also used to maintain the quality with highest standards. Even these state of the art technological equipments are upgraded and replaced by latest equipment on a regular basis, which requires routine training and orientation program for the employees. Continuous in-house training is arranged for skilled, semi skilled and trainee workers on production techniques, development of skills and also on safety measures.



The heart of the factory, a modern laboratory contains a number of sample dyeing machines, and specialized machines as below:


       1. McBeth color matching system (spectrophotometer)


       2. Automatic dispensing system ( both in laboratory and production) for deyetuff & chemicals

       3. McBeth light box

       4. Rubbing and Fastness tester

       5. Yarn count and strength tester

       6. Sample knitting machine

       7. Automatic Sweater knitting machine etc.

This laboratory ensures high quality color matching and finishing before the yarn is delivered to customers.


In order to maintain highest standards of the products, we use high quality dye stuff and chemicals of European origin, yarn from spinning mills using latest machines from Europe and TFO machines for 20/2, 32/2, 40/2 yarn used in sweater.

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