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The growth of our Garments Export is largely dependent on the growth of Knit wear which is rapidly increasing at a rate of 30% per year .

Our Group turnover is also increasing  at the same rate which is mainly focused in the  Knit sector with the combination of dyed yarn manufacturing  for LIGHT & HEAVY KNIT WEAR and  manufacturing of  HEAVY  KNITWEAR ie. Sweaters, cardigans & Pull overs.

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Tamishna Synthetics

Tamishna Synthetics is our newest unit and was setup in 2012 as the first ever 100% cotton mélange spinning mill in Bangladesh, boasting 14000 spindles. It produces about 200 tonnes of cotton mélange yarn per month  both for consumption by Tamishna Fashion Wear as well as for other reputed factories in Bangladesh. The importance of this project cannot be understated, as it not only completes full vertical integration for our unit (from spinning to sweater production) but also reduces mélange lead times significantly for the entire country.

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